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Written by Subhan Institute   
Saturday, 14 November 2009 08:06

It really gives me immense pleasure to present one more edition of College / School Magazine under the title “The FAIZAN”. The objective of publishing this magazine is to develop the art of creativity among the budding blooms of this institution. Infact this magazine is a medium for the aspirant’s students to divulge their innate capabilities.

The response exhibited by the student community is however, encouraging. Each student of this institution has developed a longing to give vent to his fragile passions. A student is a mere novice in the realm of learning and every learning experience for him is an arch where through he gets the glimpse of  an untrodden world of knowledge whose margin withers / wilts whenever he embarks upon and makes exuberant and lively quest and pursuit to touch the summit rather the galaxy of knowledge. So it is absolutely and profoundly legitimate that analytical strides need to be initiated in order to make a judicious appraisal of child’s emotional, aesthetic and intellectual bent of mind. The teacher should not be a numb or mute spectator of the creative bent of the child. His teaching spell should be strong enough to give sequel to the dormant creativity of the child.

Reading meketh a full man, conference a ready man, and writing an exact man. Writing skill each person ought to learn from a knowledgeable teacher and nice institution. It has always been man’s desire to rise above mundane and attain a higher level of being, to be at peace with himself and his surroundings. In order to achieve this state he needs to gain wisdom and this he can attain only from knowledge and knowledge  he can achieve from a right school. This institution is disseminating knowledge and fighting against the demon of illiteracy and ignorance since 15 years.  Just in the suburbs of town Baramulla, the Subhan Institute of Educational Technology and the FAIZAN are located. The objective of these institutions is to change the hopes of the  aspirant students into a belief. While entering in the vicinity of this institution feeling quite different, feelings of awe and reverence naturally evoke in one’s mind. The congenial atmosphere available here is fit for contemplation. Even in this era when there is a mushroom growth of educational institutions all around, this institution has maintained its sanctity and purity. The overall performance of this institution speaks louder than the words. The fervour and passion of the teaching staff had made it possible. Lastly I am extremely grateful to the students and the editorial board who have relentlessly toiled hard to edit this magazine and pursued the articles to nip any such tendency of plagiarism.

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